Birmingham Global Shapers Introduce the 2021 Midlands Mentors!

We are excited to announce the launch of Birmingham Global Shapers’ mentoring outreach and skills acquisition project, Midlands Mentor.

The Midlands Mentor project aims to provide young people with e-mentoring on career opportunities, demystify new-age careers.

In the summer, we connected with eight industry experts from the STEM, Fashion, Public, Business and People development sectors to record videos clarifying their career journeys, successes, challenges and advice to young people.

We recognised that the past year impacted outreaches such as career days in universities and colleges in Midlands. Young people have had to navigate new ways of working, studying connecting with peers and mentors. The videos provided by this year’s Midlands Mentors gives students and aspiring professionals a one-stop-shop to learn about different sectors from the comfort of their homes.

Today, we have shared the Midlands Mentors’ videos with the University of Warwick, University of Northampton, Aston University, and Nottingham Trent University.

We know that more students can benefit from the content shared and encourage Student Unions Representatives, Further Education Colleges, Career groups or Universities interested in accessing these videos to simply contact us at

You can learn more about this year’s cohort of mentors here:

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